# Configuring Data Sources

# Attribute Formatting

# Hyperlinks

When an attribute value is a URL (which is not direct link to an image), Pozi displays the field name as a clickable link. In addition, if the URL ends in .pdf, a PDF icon is shown next to the link. Otherwise, the favicon of the destination link is shown.

# Embedded Media

When an attribute value is a URL ending in .jpg or .png, Pozi displays the image within the info panel.

# Advanced Formatting

The Pozi info panel can display feature details with rich text when the attributes are formatted with HTML.

Example feature:

Formatted Content Title Attribute A Attribute B Attribute C ID
<h1>Big heading</h1><h2>Medium heading</h2><h3>Small heading</h3><p>Paragraph</p><p>Another paragraph</p><ul><li>Point 1</li><li>Point 2</li></ul><p><a href=\"https://www.example.com/ \" target=\"_blank\">A link</a></p> Feature Name Value Value Value 101

When this feature is selected in Pozi, it will display like this:

Screenshot of Info Panel