# SSA vs Pozi

Weighing up between SSA and Pozi?

Pozi is the enterprise GIS viewer with the all features your users need, plus real support.

# Why choose Pozi over SSA?

look and feel - SSA "old and clunky"

styling generally better by using QGIS

SSA may provide more control over site configuration. But not all configuration from MapInfo translates across to SSA

local development team

open source community

  • documentation
  • performance tweaking

# Single, unified map

Pozi breaks down data silos by allowing users to access any map layer they want from the map they're currently using. Users don't have to switch maps and navigate their way back to where they were looking.

# Efficient use of screen space

# On a contract?

If you're stuck in another contract, talk to us. Not only can we get you up and running with Pozi straight away, we'll provide credit for your use of Pozi during the remainder of your existing contract!

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