# Conventions

# Code

VS Code settings are stored in .vscode/settings.json and specific to PoziApp.

General code conventions

# Git

Branch naming:

  • maintenance-<activitity>: for admin related things like upgrading dependencies, changes to our github actions, etc
  • feature-<activity>: for new functionality, like adding a print button for example
  • bugfix-<activity>: for bug fixes

Commit messages:

  • Use imperative tense. E.g. 'Add new print button'
  • If more text is required, leave empty line and add description


  • Create a branch for each activity git checkout -b <branch-name>
  • Commit changes git commit -a
    • Text editor will open, add the commit message to the top of this file followed by a blank line. If further detail is required, add more information after the blank line.
  • Push to remote git push
  • Create PR on GitHub (a version of Pozi will be built automatically on https://staging.pozi.com/<branch-name/>), add a reviewer
  • Add link to PR in relevant Trello card