# Building Pozi Connect

# Requirements



# Repository Configuration

Set up symlink folder called tasks in PoziConnect repo that points to PoziConnectConfig repo. Example:

mklink /D C:\Users\Simon\GitHub\PoziConnect\tasks C:\Users\Simon\GitHub\PoziConnectConfig

# Prepare PoziConnectConfig Repository

# Prepare PoziConnect Repository

  • if there's been an update of the GDAL library, update setenv_python.bat
  • if logo has changed since last release, run PoziConnect\PoziConnect.bat to trigger regeneration of gui_logo_png.py
  • run PoziConnect\build.bat; type in new version number when prompted
  • embed thumbnail logo in PoziConnect.exe
    • open Resource Hacker
    • File > Open > PoziConnect\dist\PoziConnect.exe
    • select Icon
    • Action > Replace Icon > Open file with new icon > PoziConnect\app\PoziConnect\gui\Groundtruth.ico > Replace
    • Save, Close
    • delete PoziConnect\dist\PoziConnect_original.exe
  • if file PoziConnect\dist\output\PoziConnect.log or folder PoziConnect\dist\backup exist, delete them
  • open GitHub app to commit and sync PoziConnect repo
  • delete any outdated/unused GDAL folders from the vendor folder

# Build Installer

  • run Advanced Installer
  • File > Open > G:\My Drive\Products\Pozi Connect\Installer\PoziConnect.aip
  • Product Details > Product version > type latest release number (above)
  • when prompted about the Product Code, select 'Generate new'
  • Home > Build
  • check Output log for location of output msi file

# Create Zip Distribution

Clients in locked-down IT environments may prefer a simple zip file instead of the installer. Zip up the contents of PoziConnect\dist and rename the zip file from 'dist.zip' to PoziConnect-x.x.x.zip.

# Publish Release

# GitHub


Welcome to Pozi Connect v2.10.0

**Click the .msi link below to download this release.**

This May 2022 release contains the following changes since the March 2022 (v2.9.3) release:

* update web links
* new `.zip` distribution
* configuration updates for Port Phillip, Central Goldfields, Loddon, Strathbogie

For installation instructions, visit [https://pozi.com/pozi-connect/installation/](https://pozi.com/pozi-connect/installation/).

# Pozi Connect/Server

This is the alternative distribution which, for clients who have this installed, will auto-update from the zip file we upload.

  • create zip from files/folders within PoziConnect\dist\ (ie, no overall top-level folder)
  • rename zip file (eg PoziConnectM1.2.x.x.zip)
  • upload to https://s3.console.aws.amazon.com/s3/buckets/connect.pozi.com/m1/
  • select new zip file > Object actions > Make public using ACL > Make public
  • download manifest-m1-production.json
  • edit with latest date and version number
  • upload back to S3, make public

# Notify Users

# Website

  • update pozi-connect\history.md with dot points about recent changes (identified above)
  • update pozi-connect\m1s\release-notes.md with summary of changes
  • copy property-dashboard-2-10 page and name it after the new version
  • update the existing property-dashboard-2-10 page to display message that user needs to upgrade
  • commit changes in GitHub to publish to live site

# Blog

  • duplicate previous Pozi Connect release blog post
  • update details
  • send test email
    • check subject line
    • check body content, spacing, alignment
    • check links
  • publish
  • copy content as HTML to clipboard

# MailChimp