# Email Support

When clients send an email to support@pozi.com, an issue is created in the Help Scout service, and nominated service agents are notified by email.

If a client sends an email directly (ie, not via Help Scout), the email can be forwarded to support@pozi.com to be added to the support ticket system. To automatically assign yourself, add @me to the email body.

# Workflow

  1. tag ticket with client name and any tags that are relevant for the topic
  2. assign ticket
  3. if issue will take some time to resolve, send a brief acknowledgement email
  4. investigate/resolve issue
  5. notify client of resolution, including a one- or two-sentence description of what was wrong and how it was resolved
  6. update documentation with any information that might make the issue easier to identify/resolve/prevent next time

# Requests for Configuration Updates

# Requests for Information or Troubleshooting

When a client requests information that would potentially be useful for other clients, consider if it's suitable to document on the Docs section on the website. If so, update and publish the Docs information, and then include a link to the page (and section) in the client response.