How Pozi web map helps your organisation with PR

March 1, 2018
Megan Barrow

Finding opportunities to get PR for your organisation can be incredibly difficult. Marketing Communication departments can work on campaigns for months before working on a Press Release to submit to their list of media agencies and outlets. And, even after all this work, there is no guarantee their news story or source quote will be published.

What’s been wonderful for us to see at Pozi is our clients not only implementing their GIS local data in creative ways with web maps that engage their customers, but seeing this creativity being rewarded in positive PR.

Here are some examples of PR our clients have received after implementing the Pozi web map.

Wimmera Catchment Management Authority launches new interactive map

When Wimmera Catchment Management Authority launched their Interactive Catchment Map powered by Pozi, it was the perfect opportunity to garner some positive press. The Weekly Advertiser wrote an article about the mapping technology and how Wimmera was helping its community with the data it’s collected over 20 years.

Not only good PR for Wimmera CMA, but the associated councils of Horsham, Hindmarsh, Northern Grampians, West Wimmera and Pyrnees councils.

“Thanks to this interactive mapping technology, people only need to go to one map, instead of having to look at a static map, or multiple documents,” says Wimmera CMA’s Paul Skeen.

How would your home fare in flood?

An eye catching article heading for the Bendigo Advertiser thanks to City of Greater Bendigo working with Groundtruth to develop an interactive web map that helps residents know if their property may be affected by flooding with changes to the planning scheme.

With any change comes apprehension, and this online map was a proactive strategy for the Council to engage with their customers with transparency. Receiving positive PR about their work in communicating with residents was a nice by-product.

Local Stories Told Online

Local Government FOCUS ran a story on City of Greater Bendigo promoting their campaign requesting local residents submit their neighbourhood stories. An initiative from the Council to engage their community in a creative way to deliver local-based GIS mapping information. Giving its residents some control in determining information to be added to their local map turned out to be also interesting to the local news team.

Horsham Rural City Council has started making more data available to the public via community mapping project.

As a result of implementing Pozi web map, Horsham Rural City Council received PR by way of a general news story on how it was making its GIS information available to the public in a “useful format”.

Like with the above story starring Wimmera CMA, this was an opportunity to cross promote partnering councils of Hindmarsh, West Wimmera, Yarriambiack and Northern Grampians Shire, and the support of Grampians Wimmera-Mallee Water Wimmera Development Association and the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority.

Nothing like a positive story of how organisations are working together.

From our perspective, it was also wonderful to see Horsham Council’s Chief Executive, Peter Brown, talk about the mapping information as a continuing, long term strategy: “People will have more and more information available on the map as time goes by.”

Peter then gave kudos to another Council citing the potential of Pozi mapping: “If people want to see the sort of potential for community maps, they can go on the Cardinia council website, (their Pozi app) is further advanced than us, it’s what we want to reach.”

Horsham Rural City Council Community Map enhanced with aerial photos from regional deal

One of the big rules of media and PR is if you’ve helped a journalist and/or media organisation once, you’ll often be first point-of-contact for future press opportunities, even if it’s a quick update for its readers and viewers on an original news story.

This was the case for Horsham City Council who received further press for Pozi in an article detailing how their online community map had been enhanced with the addition of an aerial photo layer.

We always love seeing our Pozi app implemented on clients' sites and the different ways GIS data is being used to deliver unique content. And we also love when these innovative clients receive their due in fantastic PR as a result. It goes to show how helping customers with helpful information is news!

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