# Love your internal GIS? That's great, Pozi will integrate with it.

Megan Barrow
Published 2019-09-10

Due to Pozi's simplicity and strong focus on easy user experience, we receive feedback from clients that staff use Pozi for most of their customer service roles instead of their more complex GIS. This is an added benefit you can discover for yourself.

We often speak with potential clients looking for a simple map enquiry tool, but are concerned about how it will work with their existing GIS product and the issues around change management in rolling out a new platform.

# Did you know many of our clients use Pozi GIS app to complement their internal GIS solution?

Often GIS solutions are so complex they are not accessible without specific training. Pozi was developed and designed to help organisations deliver GIS data in a simple way that anyone can understand.

While Pozi can be customised for your internal needs, we don't want you to miss the opportunities Pozi provides because you love your existing GIS product.

# Why consider Pozi when you already have a GIS?

Ask, does your current GIS provide

  • Interactive, public web map to display your unique GIS data?
  • Seamless integration with your website?
  • Simple address search for customers looking for property information?
  • Authoritative data sources?
  • Web widgets?
  • GPS location and tracking?
  • Community engagement and feedback?
  • Local, Melbourne support?

These are just some of the benefits Pozi app will provide for your organisation. We work with you across all required departments – IT, GIS, Communications, Planning, Assets – to ensure your team and customers benefit from the full potential of your organisation's GIS data.

If you're interested in discovering how Pozi can work for your organisation's customer service and mapping solution, contact us or call (03) 9017 6850 for a friendly chat and to start your free, no obligation, 60 day trial.