Pozi - our vision for connecting communities in the new decade

February 19, 2020
Simon O'Keefe

Groundtruth Mapping Systems started 20 years ago to provide organisations with expert GIS support. In that time, we evolved beyond consulting services to develop software solutions and re-imagine GIS for the web.

Now we enter the new decade with a fresh vision for building connected communities through spatial thinking.

The future of GIS is about open data and open standards, with simple interfaces and real-time access to authoritative data. It's about automated workflows and integration. And it's cloud first.

In order to achieve our vision, we've implemented a new business structure that provides a solid foundation to better meet the growing needs of our customers. We call this new business Pozi Pty Ltd.

Introducing Pozi Pty Ltd

Simon O'Keefe and Simon Hutchison have joined forces to jointly lead and direct Pozi Pty Ltd.

The Pozi brand is already widely known in Australia's GIS community.

Our Pozi Web application enables users to discover, visualise and share spatial information.

Our on-premise data processing software Pozi Connect is used by two thirds of Victorian councils.

And Pozi API enables software developers to add spatial functionality to their applications.

Introducing Simon Hutchison

Simon Hutchison brings over 20 years of experience in the commercial software industry, building bespoke software solutions in Australia and abroad. Simon is also an experienced entrepreneur, having built other businesses and worked on all aspects of developing products and services to serve the needs of customers.

“I look forward to working with our customers to drive product development toward an offering to market that connects communities and promotes open standards."

Simon Hutchison

The new partnership combines Simon O'Keefe's GIS industry experience with Simon Hutchison's software development expertise into a powerful alliance for delivering innovative solutions.

“Simon Hutchison is the most accomplished software developer I’ve worked with. He’s able to take an idea or customer request and immediately envision a solution that works with the big picture. Often he’ll put together a prototype quicker than it would take to write a specification. His development style is a perfect fit for our business and our clients.”

Simon O’Keefe

An exciting future enabling better connected communities

Pozi's mission is for more people to easily access and use spatial information to build the shared knowledge of their community. To achieve this, we’re engaging with GIS professionals to extend the value of spatial data beyond their internal GIS.

The work we’ve put into transforming Pozi into a scalable, modern web app has enabled organisations to integrate spatial visualisation, querying and analysis functionality across their corporate applications.

And, look out for these new Pozi features

We are currently rolling out the next generation of Pozi Connect software, our "on-premise workflow modules". Many organisations, including two thirds of Victorian councils, already rely on Pozi Connect as a critical component in their data maintenance workflow. Soon these organisations will be able to easily process and transform their internal data and optionally publish it to the public.

We believe this will be a game-changer for any organisation that wants to make their data open and accessible – something we’re passionate about.

Also, we're in the process of migrating Pozi Web customer configuration to our new information panel allowing staff and residents to discover much more about their location with a single click. Behind the scenes, Pozi seamlessly links local and remote spatial and non-spatial data sources to reveal more insights about places and related information.

And while we’ve worked on these exciting initiatives, we’ve also migrated the Pozi codebase to a modern web framework, giving us a solid platform to meet the challenges of a new web era.

What all this means for you?

Beyond the exciting new features we're rolling out, you can continue to expect the same quality customer service. We'll be in touch with clients about any changes that affect them; but, as we hope you know, we're always just an email or phone call away to answer any questions.

Please read through our new website for more about how the new Pozi will help you meet your GIS goals.

If you're not a client and want to find out more about our services - existing and upcoming - we'd love to hear you. Contact us today to set up a 60 day free trial.

Stay tuned for more in this exciting new chapter!

-- Simon and Simon

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