A geospatial company founded by GIS experts.

Our Vision

Building connected communities through spatial thinking
Pozi empowers organisations and their stakeholders to easily access, use and distribute spatial information to build the shared knowledge of their community.

Our Story

Pozi commenced as Groundtruth, a consulting company founded by Simon O’Keefe in 1999 to help Victorian councils manage and better understand their Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

In 2009, Groundtruth started to grow beyond expert advisory services and became a developer of geospatial software solutions. With a vision to “re-imagine GIS for the web”, Groundtruth launched the first hosted web GIS in Australia, Pozi Web.

The release of Pozi Connect, a data processing tool, soon followed. This GIS product is now used by over two-thirds of Victorian councils and municipalities.

Over the years, the team at Groundtruth continued to develop its Pozi products in consultation with clients to deliver improved features to better meet the growing needs of internal staff and their community. The work transformed Pozi Web to becoming a scalable and modern web app that allows organisations to integrate spatial visualisation, querying and analysis functionality across their corporate applications.

In late 2019, Simon Hutchison joined Simon O’Keefe as a co-director of the business with a fresh vision for building connected communities through spatial thinking.

With a new business structure, it was the opportune time to also change the business name and align with the already well recognised product suite, Pozi (Pty Ltd).

Simon O and Simon H and the rest of the Pozi team are committed to a future where GIS is synonymous with transparent data, open standards, user-friendly interfaces and real time access to authoritative data.

We are driven to enable more people to easily access and use spatial information to build the shared knowledge of their community.

Pozi is committed to listening to clients needs and continuing to develop new innovations in the GIS world. And we look forward to connecting communities in new industries and sectors that have not yet realised the power of sharing their local based information online to their communities.

Our People

Simon O'Keefe


Simon O’Keefe has worked with councils and other organisations since 1999. As a software designer and specialist in Victorian local government, he has developed specialised GIS applications that assist councils comply with property data reporting requirements, which have been adopted by nearly 70% of Victoria’s councils. He advocates for open data and the use of location-based data in particular to increase staff productivity and community engagement.

Simon Hutchison


Simon Hutchison has been involved in the commercial software industry for over 20 years building bespoke software solutions in Australia and abroad. Since Simon joined the Pozi team in 2015 his ability to translate business requirements to technical services has been the driving force behind the implementation of the Pozi geospatial platform. Simon continues to drive product development toward a significant and competitive offering to market.

Barrie Slattery


Barrie Slattery has been an active member of the Geospatial community over the past 15 years, providing mapping services in the private sector, and developing significant corporate solutions within local government. Barrie also worked as a software engineer for over 25 years, largely in the finance sector, both in Australia and abroad. Barrie joined Pozi in 2016, and is now the first point of contact for our clients when they request support and customisation.

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