# About Pozi

# Our Vision

Building connected communities through spatial thinking

Pozi empowers organisations and their stakeholders to easily access, use and distribute spatial information to build the shared knowledge of their community.

# Our Difference

We believe the future of GIS is built upon open data and open standards, with simple interfaces and real-time access to trusted data. It uses the power of simple workflows and live integrations, whether that's in the cloud or on-premise.

We work with clients on their terms, in their preferred environment, with their preferred infrastructure and resources. Our open system avoids vendor lock-in by respecting our clients' autonomy and strategic technology decisions.

We embrace modern web technologies and continuous development and deployment processes to rapidly deliver innovative solutions that are driven by the needs of our clients.

# Our Story

Pozi commenced as Groundtruth, a consulting company founded in 1999 to help Victorian councils better manage their Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

In 2009, we grew beyond expert advisory services and became a developer of geospatial software solutions. With a vision to "re-imagine GIS for the web", we launched what we reckon was Australia's first hosted web GIS, Pozi.

The release of Pozi Connect, a data processing tool, soon followed. This GIS product is now used by over two-thirds of Victorian municipalities.

Over the years, we continued to develop the Pozi products in consultation with municipal clients to deliver improved features to better meet the growing needs of their staff and the wider community. The work transformed Pozi to becoming a scalable and modern web app that enables organisations to integrate spatial visualisation, querying and analysis functionality across their corporate applications.

In 2019 we rebranded the company name to Pozi, with a fresh vision for building connected communities through spatial thinking.

The Pozi team is committed to a future where GIS is synonymous with transparent data, open standards, user-friendly interfaces and real time access to trusted data sources.

We are driven to enable more people to easily access and use spatial information to build the shared knowledge of their community.

# Our Focus

# User Success

Pozi puts the map at the centre of data discovery. Users effortlessly access accurate, up-to-date information for critical decision-making and gaining new insights by connecting to live, trusted data sources.

# Client Success

Our clients work more efficiently and gain greater insights into their customers, resources, activities and risks by integrating location-based information into their workflows.

Pozi delivers efficiencies in business processes and human resources by connecting to data at the source with minimal configuration. Enterprise-ready solutions are implemented in days, not months.

Client Showcase

# Partner Success

We enable software vendors, systems integrators and independent support providers to bring the power of location-based decision making into their business solutions.

Pozi's lightweight footprint, modern API and library of data connectors enables enterprise applications to access powerful spatial visualisation, querying and analysis and capabilities.

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