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For organisations that rely on geographic information for critical decision-making and stakeholder engagement, Pozi is a web platform that connects users with relevant location-based data to build a detailed and definitive view of their world.

Unlike traditional GIS software, Pozi is built from the ground up to integrate directly with live data from trusted sources to deliver powerful enquiry and analytical capabilities while avoiding duplication of data and effort.

"Hugely better than other GIS system I have used in other councils. It makes my job a lot easier.​"

Staff member at Cardinia Shire Council

# Benefits

  • navigate the map with ease: anyone who has used Google Maps can easily use Pozi
  • search for properties and other features using text autocomplete
  • enquire on properties and other features without having to select options from toolbars or complex menus
  • use mobile-friendly features like GPS-location and pinch to zoom
  • bookmark frequently-used layers
  • share custom maps with other users
  • view embedded media such as photos, videos and Google StreetView
  • view layers as tables, narrow down results with filters, and browse to navigate to specific features
  • define a region to select multiple properties for generating mail-outs
  • mark up maps with points, lines, polygons and text, and share your annotated maps with others
  • generate reports based on features within the current map view, along with calculated statistics
  • obtain coordinates and dimensions for any selected feature, or interactively measure using provided measuring tools
  • perform spatial analysis tasks easily - right-click on any feature to select intersecting features from any layer
  • export geo-referenced maps to desktop GIS
  • vendor neutral architecture enables your organisation to leverage its existing spatial data library - no data migration required
  • direct integration with live government and commercial web services
  • mobile friendly design: staff can take Pozi with them to meetings, presentations and out in the field, whether they are using a laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • performance: users don't experience frustration waiting for app to load - Pozi loads in the browser near instantly
  • embed customised maps directly in the organisation's webpages

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