# DELWP Web Services

# Image Web Server

Aerial imagery acquired in through DELWP's Coordinated Imagery Programme (CIP) is available for use by contributing organisations via the DELWP Image Web Server (IWS).

Instructions for publishing IWS imagery layers in Pozi:

  1. log in to IWS Admin
  2. click View Permissions
  3. copy the name of the image(s) to be published
  4. paste into an email to support@pozi.com

If you don't have credentials to log in to IWS, contact coordinated.imagery@delwp.vic.gov.au. New clients for Pozi will also need to pass any new credentials on to support@pozi.com so that Pozi can be configured to access to the layers. (Client credentials will remain private within Pozi's web proxy service).

Credentials for the Image Web Server: http://services.land.vic.gov.au/MyProfile/

# MapShare

DELWP's MapShare service is powered by ArcGIS Online.

There is a known limitation for What's Here queries whereby the service cannot return results when there are more than six input geometries (ie, an initial selection plus five point locations using Ctrl-click).

# DataVic WMS/WFS

# Vicmap Basemap