# Application Link

# Link-Out from Pozi

MAGIQ is a browser based application that supports linking via passing a URL from Pozi to MAGIQ.

For any selected property feature, Pozi users can click a link to launch the MAGIQ application which displays the properties details.

An example link for MAGIQ looks like this:


Update magiq.northburnett.qld.gov.au for your specific MAGIQ URL.

# QGIS Configuration

Create a virtual field with the output field type of "Text" on your Property layer.

Layer Properties > Fields > Field Calculator > Create virtual field:

  • Output field name: MAGIQ Link
  • Output field type: Text (string)
  • Expression:

Update the MAGIQ URL and property number field with the relevant data for the specific site.

For more information, see the instructions for working with virtual fields.

Once a user selects a Property the link will display as a hyperlink.