# Widgets

Available for Pozi Pro, Enterprise and Enterprise Cloud customers

Pozi Widgets are embeddable address search tools that can be embedded into any website.

Data widget: search any address to display specific details about the location (eg, waste collection details)

Map widget: search any address to launch an instance of the Pozi web application focussed on the address location

Widgets can configured by clients without the need for any changes by Pozi staff. However you can request help from Pozi to construct the right embed code to suit your requirements.

# Embedding

Obtain the URL for widget by following the instructions from the data widget or map widget.

The HTML for embedding the widget in your website:

<iframe style="border:none; height: 300px; width: 100%; overflow: hidden;" src="https://southerngrampians.pozi.com/widget.html#card=Waste Collection&fieldnames=Next Rubbish Pickup,Next Recycling Pickup,Next Organics Pickup&fontsize=20"></iframe>

# Showcase

Map Widgets:

Data Widgets:

Cardinia Bin Collection Days