Cardinia Shire Council using Pozi for customer service

Cardinia Shire Council contacted Groundtruth with a specific goal: To deliver a GIS (Geographic Information System) to their customers to access location based information.
They already had an internal GIS tool in place for staff, but this information was too complex for customers who needed simple data about their property and area delivered in an engaging and intuitive format. The Cardinia Shire Council IT department approached Groundtruth having seen their web based mapping system, Pozi, in action and wanted to implement a similar solution for their customers.

“Our internal GIS is a complex tool to communicate to our customers. Implementing Pozi allows us to show crucial customer services online” says David Jackson, Manager of Information Services, Cardinia Shire Council.“Cardinia Shire provided more information than usual,” says Simon O’Keefe, Founder and Director of Groundtruth. “The focus was not just about delivering lots of content, but information for their area’s growing number of young families moving in to the area.”

Cardinia Shire Council wanted to communicate helpful information they knew these new residents would be looking for in an easy and interactive format for the digital age.
Cardinia Shire Council’s IT, website developers and communication teams all worked together with Groundtruth to implement the Pozi widget seamlessly within their website to increase its functionality, customer user experience and deliver helpful, location-based information in a public facing system.
Once on the Cardinia Shire Council website, residents simply enter their property address to open an intuitive web map that details nearby child care centres, kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools to their residence.
  • If they’ve forgotten which bins to put out, residents head to the Pozi map and find their next bin and recycling collection date. Add hard waste to that too.
  • Residents can also easily find their property and land parcel details, planning zones and overlays, plant zones all online.
  • Come voting time, they can also quickly check their ward.
  • Any issues? Councillor names and details are also detailed.

“(Pozi) looks like it’s part of our website. Simon worked hard to make it work and to meet our needs,” says Nathan Moore, IT Project Officer, Cardinia Shire Council.Since launching Pozi, Cardinia Shire Council has received positive feedback from their residents who rely on the information.

An unexpected result is staff also find Pozi invaluable as part of their daily operations to guide customers to services, facilities and other information online.

“It’s fantastic to hear residents are engaging with their property information and see it come to life in such a positive way. Residents are really passionate about their area’s details”, says Peta Levett, Senior Digital Communications Officer, Cardinia Shire Council.“We see great online traffic data and know visiting the website has become a key part of customer service interaction. The waste and recycling collection widget is one of the most popular pages on our website.” Peta continued.“Simon is super flexible, highly responsive and really willing to help. He’s happy to talk about your customers’ needs and will work on ways to achieve these. We highly regard the working relationship with him” adds Nathan.

Visit the Cardinia Shire Council website to see Pozi in action. (In My Council Tool, use 3 Albert Street as property example)
For further information how Pozi can help your customer service online and start your free, 60 day trial, contact the Groundtruth team on (03) 9017 6850 or via the contact form.

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