# ArcGIS Online vs Pozi

Is ArcGIS Online beyond your budget?

Pozi is the enterprise GIS viewer with the all features your users need, plus real support.

# Why choose Pozi over ArcGIS Online?

# Direct Integration

Connect your users directly with your organisation's spatial data library, plus live data from corporate applications, government data services and web APIs.

Pozi delivers live information from trusted sources to your users - not copies or snapshots that you upload to the web.

# Ease of Configuration

Pozi enables GIS administrators to quickly and easily distribute spatial information across your organisation.

If you know how to use QGIS, you can publish data in Pozi.

There are no multi-day courses required to get you started.

GIS administrators can take advantage of QGIS's powerful graphical user interface to configure layers in Pozi, including adding spatial and non-spatial data sources, filtering, advanced layer styling, labelling, dynamic data joins, virtual fields, debugging tools, and more.

# Local Support

When you ask Pozi for help, we'll acknowledge your request within 24 hours, and begin resolving your issue within 48 hours.

Pozi clients benefit from being able to communicate directly with development and support crew during solution implementations and ongoing support.

# Transparent Pricing

No long-term, lock-in contracts. No hidden costs.

Our pricing is on our website.


Hosting and basic support is included in your subscription. Initial setup and advanced support is available on-demand at our standard rate. You don't need a support contract to ask us for help.

# Anything Missing?

We'll build it for you!

If you need any functionality that's not already in Pozi, talk to us about your requirements. We'll work with you on a specification to suit your exact requirements and provide an estimate for its development.

When you fund the development of new features, you have ongoing access to the new functionality for the life of your subscription.

# Better Outcomes with Pozi

  • harness QGIS's extensive configuration and visualisation options to manage and publish your organisation's data
  • reduce administration overheads
    • direct integration with live data from internal and external sources
    • reduce need for downloading, processing and republishing data from external sources
    • reduce duplication of corporate data to external hosting sites
  • local support
  • lower subscription cost
  • lower training requirements
  • engage us to develop new functionality that will benefit your organisation
  • no lock-in contracts
  • procure without tenders/RFQs
  • risk-free - take advantage of our free trial

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