# Frequently Asked Questions

# User Experience

Pozi is a web application that runs in any desktop or mobile browser.

Pozi's responsive design enables it to work on any sized device. On large screens, it displays in landscape mode. On smaller screens such as phones, it displays in portrait mode, with the menu displaying under the map.

Pozi uses Progressive Web App (PWA) technology, enabling users to add Pozi to the home screen of their device, launch it and switch between it and other apps as if it were a native application.

# Configuration

We configure Pozi to suit the specialised needs of our clients. Requests for configuration changes can be lodged with our help desk. All configuration updates are included in the subscription.

Pozi Enterprise and Enterprise Cloud clients also have the ability to manage all their internal data connections via QGIS.

Pozi's hybrid cloud architecture enables organisations to control access via network permissions. Any user who is granted access to the organisation's network or VPN will obtain access to the internal data sources in Pozi.

Users who are not on the network will have no way of gaining access to internal datasets.

We are exploring solutions for enabling this kind of access for external parties in the future. Stay posted, or contact us for more details.

# Platform

Pozi's cloud architecture ensures fast performance, maximum stability, and unlimited scalability.

Pozi is fully hosted and managed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), served from an Australian-based data centre. The application is deployed to AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) and served by AWS CloudFront.

Pozi is fully compliant with https to ensure user privacy and compatibility with all major browsers. Pozi App is encrypted and authenticated using TLS 1.2/1.3, X25519, and AES_128_GCM.

Pozi is a serverless web application, and as such is not a target for cyber attacks that attempt to exploit server vulnerabilities. AWS Cloudfront provides protection from DDOS attacks.

We monitor the uptime of the Pozi application using Pingdom. Pozi maintained a 99.999% uptime over the last three years.

We embrace continuous development and deployment processes to ensure our clients have access to the latest version. Updated releases which include bug fixes, enhancements and new features are deployed several times per month. Any critical fixes can be deployed in a matter of hours.

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