# Pozi Labs

Here are some of the features we plan on building for Pozi. We've done some initial scoping, and we're waiting for a client to sponsor and guide the development.

If you'd like to see these features in Pozi, and you'd like to have us build it to your specification to suit your organisation's requirements, talk to us!

# QGIS Publisher

Publish local data to the public with ease.

Use QGIS to organise local layers, including styling, and publish them to the Pozi cloud to enable the public to access these layers from your public-facing Pozi site.

# Property Report

The Pozi Property Report displays the details of any selected or searched-for address as a tabular report on your organisation's website. The report will provide at-a-glance information for any number of property or location attributes.

# 3D Mode

Use Pozi to visualise your 3D imagery. Toggle between 2D and 3D viewing modes. Compatible with Cesium 3D tile format.

# Advanced Selection

  • enable users to select features from any map layer using the region selection
  • display results of all active layers in multiple tables at the bottom of the map

# Collaborative Map Annotations

Enable staff to securely share and maintain their Pozi map annotations

  • internal users can annotate the map using Pozi’s drawing tools and save their annotations
  • the creator receives a link that they can use to share the annotated map with other internal users
  • any internal user can use the link to open the map and view or update the annotations
  • annotation files can be backed up/restored/removed by the GIS Administrator

All internal users are trusted, and anyone can collaborate on annotations. Links remain stable after editing.

Annotations are stored as GeoJSON files on the network. The GIS Administrator has the ability to delete, rename, edit or set specific files as read-only.