# Pozi Connect M1 Manual Updates

In some scenarios, Pozi Connect is not able to generate an appropriate update. You can manually update the M1 spreadsheet to give you the outcome you want.

Below are some edits you can make. For all other equiries with manual M1 updates, please contact gis.helpdesk@delwp.vic.gov.au for assistance.

# Update parcel that has no SPI

Add rows to the bottom of the M1. ​ To update the property number, populate the following cells: ​

  • lga_code
  • parcel_pfi
  • propnum
  • edit_code (P)

To update the parcel number (crefno), populate the following cells:​​

  • lga_code
  • parcel_pfi
  • crefno
  • edit_code (C)