# Publisher

Synchronise your organisation's internal data to the web.

Pozi Publisher detects changes to specified local files and instantly synchronises them to the Pozi cloud platform. Publish your organisation's most requested datasets to Pozi's AWS-based cloud storage.

Outside parties gain immediate access to up-to-date trusted information mirrored from your internal GIS. Present the data to the public and remote staff on an interactive map such as Pozi Web, or enable stakeholders such as contractors to download and use within their own GIS.

Publisher is simple and seamless. You don't need to go through a registration process when you want to publish a new dataset. Simply place your files into a dedicated folder on your network, and let Publisher take care of the rest. You can immediately confirm that the files are available for the public; there is no waiting until the next day to check that your data has been "ingested".

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