Open Data Made Easy

How does your organisation do open data?

Your organisation maintains a wealth of spatial information available only to internal staff, while outside stakeholders use time-consuming customer service channels to access the information they need.

Pozi Connect empowers organisations to process and distribute spatial information to build the shared knowledge of your community.
Enable stakeholders to effortlessly access accurate, up-to-date information for critical decision-making and gaining new insights
Drive efficiencies in business processes and human resources by seamlessly publishing critical datasets with minimal configuration
Spatially-enable your organisation’s non-GIS enterprise applications with access to powerful spatial querying and analysis capabilities
Pozi Connect is an on-premise data processing and publishing application. Running as a Windows service on your organisation’s network, Pozi Connect coordinates the monitoring, process scheduling and synchronising of your spatial and non-spatial data.

Two-thirds of Victoria’s councils use Pozi Connect as a critical component in their property data maintenance workflow.

The new generation Pozi Connect has powerful modules to extend the value of your spatial data beyond your GIS.


Synchronise your organisation’s internal data to the web.

Pozi Connect detects changes to specified local files and instantly synchronises them to the Pozi cloud platform. Publish your organisation’s most requested datasets to Pozi’s AWS-based cloud storage.

Outside parties gain immediate access to up-to-date trusted information mirrored from your internal GIS. Present the data to the public and remote staff on an interactive map such as Pozi Web, or enable stakeholders such as contractors to download and use within their own GIS.

Publisher is simple and seamless. You don’t need to go through a registration process when you want to publish a new dataset. Simply place your files into a dedicated folder on your network, and let Publisher take care of the rest. You can immediately confirm that the files are available for the public; there is no waiting until the next day to check that your data has been “ingested”.

You don’t need to be a customer of Pozi Web map application to take advantage of Publisher.


Transform your organisation’s raw data into ready-to-use information sources.

Pipeline is a powerful Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool that connects to raw data from your various spatial and non-spatial sources and optimises it for distribution and consumption by your users.

The Pipeline server launches your pre-configured workflows on hourly, daily or weekly schedules. Pipeline can join between multiple datasets, filter records, rename fields, add classification and styling parameters, and convert to web-ready and other formats.

Connectors available:

  • popular corporate applications:
    • property systems (Civica Authority, Infor Pathway, TechnologyOne P&R, Open Office, Lynx, etc)
    • asset systems (Conquest, Asset Edge, Confirm, etc)
    • CRM systems (Open Office, others)
    • and more…
  • databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Postgres/PostGIS, Oracle, Informix)
  • spatial file formats (Esri SHP, MapInfo TAB, DXF, KML, GeoJSON, etc)
  • spreadsheets (CSV, GeoCSV, XLS/XLSX)

Pozi Connect Pipeline uses the powerful open-source GDAL/OGR toolkit for maximum compatibility with all your data sources.

Enterprise Server

Enterprise Server is an API for your organisation’s spatial and non-spatial data. Any internal data source can be configured as a data endpoint for use in Pozi Web and other corporate applications on your network.

Enterprise Server is a key component of Pozi Web Enterprise Edition. It enables internal staff to view corporate data within Pozi Web map application.

The open API also enables other non-GIS applications to access datasets on demand. Enterprise Server can pre-populate web forms with data from spatial and non-spatial sources, compile mail merge lists based on property ids, generate reports for external parties, and more.

Enterprise Server uses your network's group policies to maintain permission levels for users and applications.


Pozi Connect M1 is a specialised workflow designed for Victorian municipalities. It uses Pozi Connect’s powerful extraction and processing capabilities to generate reports of changes to councils’ property and address information to feed into the Vicmap state map base.

Two-thirds of Victoria’s councils use Pozi Connect as a critical component in their property data maintenance workflow.

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