# Annotate

Pozi's annotation tool enables users to add any content to the map and download or publicly share the results.

Its uses include, but are not limited to:

  • event planning
  • site plan for planning applications
  • road closure notifications
  • service planning and navigation

Pozi's ease-of-use makes it an easy choice for rapid map mark-up and sharing.

# How to use

Use drawing tools to mark up the map:

Menu > Tools > Draw

Select from any of the following drawing tools:

  • Add text
  • Add point
  • Add line
  • Add shape

Mark up the map:

  • pick different colours for different features
  • make adjustments such as moving or reshaping features

Share the map:

  • generate a custom link to share the fully interactive custom map, or
  • download a PDF, or
  • download a GIS file for use in desktop GIS software