# Print

The Pozi map view and associated information can be saved to a PDF for printing or sharing.

Menu > Tools > Print/Save > Print

# Settings

# Title

By default, the map title will be generic name of the map.

To override the title with your own text, clear the existing content of the Title box, then type in your own. Click the Refresh button to show the heading in the print preview.

# Size

Pick from the available pages sizes:

  • A4 (default)
  • A3

The map and supporting information will be scaled to fit the chosen page size.

# Orientation

Pick from the available pages orientations:

  • Landscape (default)
  • Portrait

The map and supporting information will be arranged to fit the chosen orientation.

# Scale

Pick from these scales:

  • Current view (default)
  • 1:250
  • 1:500
  • 1:1,000
  • 1:2,000
  • 1:5,000
  • 1:10,000
  • 1:15,000
  • 1:20,000
  • 1:50,000
  • 1:100,000
  • 1:250,000

# Side Panel

  • Show details: display the info results of any selected features or What's Here results
  • Show legend: display the legend of any active map layers
  • None: hide the panel and maximise the map size

# Options

# Add Statistics

Print an addition page that contains statistics for any active vector layer. Pozi will generate statistics based on the any number fields for any features within the map bounds.

# Save Map

The Pozi map view can be exported to an image that you can save to your device.

Menu > Tools > Print/Save > Print