# Enquire

To discover information about any location on the map, simply click on the map or use the search tool to find your location. Information about the location or selected feature is displayed in Pozi's Info Panel.

# What's Here

When enquiring on a location via clicking on the map or doing a search, Pozi displays information from a variety of data sources that are relevant to the location. This enquiry mode is called What's Here.

# Feature Selection

Many layers in Pozi are directly interactive, allowing users to select individual features to query them.

When the cursor hovers over these features, the cursor changes to a pointing hand. Click to select the feature and view its attribute information in the Info Panel.

# Details and Related Information

Pozi displays information not only about features selected from the map, but also any related information from separate sources.

Pozi uses parent-child relationships between datasets to provide unlimited querying capabilities.

The parent record contains various attributes, such as the ones that are visible in the Details panel, other hidden attributes, and also the record's geometry. Any of these can be used as a key for querying other datasets. And any child record can become a parent of another dataset, and so on.

In the above example:

  • Property Information is queried using the parent record's property number
  • Property Parcels is queried using the parent record's property pfi
  • Property Planning Overlays and Zones both use the parent record's geometry (ie, property boundary) in a spatial intersection query