# Publishing With QGIS

Available for Pozi Enterprise and Enterprise Cloud customers

QGIS is a popular open source desktop GIS application with advanced layer configuration capabilities.

Pozi Enterprise and Enterprise Cloud enables administrators to use QGIS to compile and configure collections of internal datasets and publish them to local Pozi users.

This functionality is powered by QGIS Server, which is installed on the client network or private cloud. QGIS Server is a standards-based WMS/WFS server, with similar performance as MapServer and GeoServer, but with the ability to use QGIS desktop for layer configuration.

Administrators configure their layers dedicated QGIS project files, and the layers within the projects appear in a layer groups in the Pozi layer panel.

Setting Up QGIS
Managing QGIS Projects
Configuring Layers
Styling Layers
Configuring "What's Here" Datasets
Configuring Linked Datasets