# Setting Up QGIS

These are the recommended settings for QGIS. They are optional. They only need to be set once.

# Project Settings

Settings > Options > General > Project Files

  • Prompt for confirmation when a layer is to be removed: untick
  • Default project file format: QGS Project

# View Settings

When opening a layer's attribute table, the default behaviour for QGIS is to open it as a separate window. Use the following setting to instead dock attribute tables under the map in the current QGIS window.

Settings > Options > Data Sources > Open attribute table as docked window > tick

# Panels and Toolbars

Right-click on any toolbar to reveal tickboxes for adding and removing panels and toolbars.

# Panels

  • Layer Styling
  • Layers
  • Browser
  • Debugging/Development Tools

# Toolbars

  • Attributes
  • Map Navigation
  • Project
  • Selection

# Data Sources

Set up your Browser panel to enable access to commonly-used data sources.

# Layer Files

Add the path of your GIS data folder as a Favorite in the QGIS Browser panel for easy access. Learn more here.

Browser > Favorites (right-click) > Add a Directory... > navigate to your GIS data folder (use UNC path only!)

Also add a shortcut to the UNC location on your PC desktop for extra convenience.

# Database Connections

Browser > MSSQL (right-click) > New Connection...

# Basemap

Add Vicmap Basemap
Add Vicmap Basemap

Browser > WMS/WMTS (right-click) > New Connection...

# Font Awesome

Pozi's Font Awesome integration enables administrators to configure icon symbols for their map layers.

  1. contact Pozi Support to request the download link for qgis-fontawesome-pro-6.4.0.zip
  2. download zip file from link
  3. unzip file to C:\Pozi\QGIS Assets\Pozi SVGs\
  4. confirm that the correct folder structure exists - you should see SVG files in this exact location: C:\Pozi\QGIS Assets\Pozi SVGs\fontawesome-pro-6\regular\
  5. QGIS > Settings > Options > System > SVG Paths
    • remove C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\QGIS\QGIS3\profiles\default\svg\
    • remove C:\OSGeo4W\apps\qgis-ltr\svg\
    • add C:\Pozi\QGIS Assets\Pozi SVGs