# IntraMaps vs Pozi

# Why choose Pozi over IntraMaps?

# Ultimate Control

We work with clients on their terms, in their preferred environment, with their preferred infrastructure and resources.

On-premise, cloud or a hybrid. The choice is yours.

Pozi's open architecture avoids vendor lock-in by respecting our clients' autonomy and strategic technology decisions.

# Ease of Use

Users don't require expensive training to get the answers they need. When tools are simple and intuitive, you improve user engagement.

From its beginning as a public-facing map enquiry tool, Pozi has focussed on ease of use and appealing visual design to deliver critical information to users regardless of any previous GIS expertise.

  • touch friendly
  • efficient use of screen space
  • no complex tools, menus or jargon

# Ease of Configuration

If you know how to use QGIS, you know everything you need to start publishing your map layers in Pozi.

There are no multi-day courses required to get you started.

# Public Ready

Every Pozi site provides a public-facing view by default. Engage your community and external stakeholders with information that's relevant to them while keeping your organisation's internal data available only to internal users.

# Modules vs Bookmarks

Sick of maintaining multiple map modules?

Pozi enables any user to have their own personalised map view without you having to maintain separate modules.

From the one master layer catalogue, users can bookmark the current state of the Pozi map in their browser, which enables them to launch Pozi with their frequently-used map layers displayed by default.

When users interact with layer groups within the layer panel, Pozi remembers the current state of the panel so that relevant layers are ready to toggle on and off as needed. Layers that are not relevant to a particular user remain tucked away.

There is no limit to the number of bookmarks that users create, so users can have multiple ways of launching Pozi to suit specific workflows or projects. This method of saving maps is also used to share links, so that users can share customised maps showing specific areas and layers.

Pozi avoids the overhead of duplicating configuration across multiple modules. At the same time, it enables users to discover and use information outside of artificial data silos.

# Performance

# Real Support

When you ask Pozi for help, we'll acknowledge your request within 24 hours, and begin resolving your issue within 48 hours.

Pozi clients benefit from being able to communicate directly with development and support staff during solution implementations and ongoing support.

# Have your own preferred GIS support provider?

Do you already have your own GIS support provider? No worries. We'll work with them to ensure the best outcome for you.

We'll never put restrictions on who you ask for support. Pozi's open architecture ensures that any GIS support provider with basic knowledge of QGIS and OGC standards is as equally well-equipped as our own good selves to customise Pozi to your organisation's requirements.

# Purpose-Driven

Pozi is solely focussed on the spatial enablement of your organisation. We have no interest or agenda in creating closed ecosystems to capture your organisation's other business functions.

Pozi's open platform integrates with major vendor platforms and other purpose-built technologies to give you maximum autonomy in your organisation's strategic technology decisions.

# Future Ready

The future of web GIS is driven by web-optimised data formats and in-browser geo-processing.

Pozi invests for the future by keeping Pozi up-to-date with modern web technologies. We work with HTML5 technologies including React, Material UI, OpenLayers 6, TurfJS and GeoStyler to ensure achieve high performance, compatibility with modern data sources, and a high quality user experience.

IntraMaps is built on top of OpenLayers 2, which ceased development in 2013. IntraMaps' performance and functionality are tied to a legacy code base, and its users cannot take advantage of modern interfaces, data sources and formats.

# Transparent Pricing

No long-term, lock-in contracts. No hidden costs.

Our pricing is on our website.


Hosting and basic support is included in your subscription. Initial setup and advanced support is available on-demand at our standard rate. You don't need a support contract to ask us for help.

And we'll never charge you for fixing a bug.

# Anything Missing?

We'll build it for you!

If you need any functionality that's not already in Pozi, talk to us about your requirements. We'll collaborate with you on a specification to suit your exact requirements and provide an estimate for its development.

When you fund the development of new features, you have ongoing access to the new functionality for the life of your subscription.

# Better Outcomes with Pozi

  • staff can expect to get answers quicker with a faster, simpler application built around their needs
  • GIS administrators can expect reduction in administration overheads due to direct integration with live data from internal and external sources
    • reduce need for downloading, processing and republishing data from government and other sources
    • reduce overnight processing/duplication of corporate data
  • organisations can better use their GIS budget to serve their users by funding the development of any new functionality they need

# Unhappy with IntraMaps?

  • it's worthwhile taking a critical look at existing software to evaluate the value it's currently providing
  • it's OK to switch providers in order to get better support
  • GIS budgets can be put to better use by using lower-cost solutions and funding the development of functionality your users need
  • your organisation's GIS can grow and adapt to your needs without tenders/RFQs, data migration or significant retraining

# On a contract?

If you're stuck in another contract, talk to us. Not only can we get you up and running with Pozi straight away, we'll provide credit for your use of Pozi during the remainder of your existing contract!

Make the switch

# IntraMaps may be right for you if...

IntraMaps is one of many corporate software titles in the TechnologyOne suite. If your organisation needs a single point of contact for all its technology needs, then TechnologyOne's offering will suit your organisation.

If you have access to support from an independent provider, and they're able to keep IntraMaps working to suit your organisation's needs, then IntraMaps can still be a viable option for you.

While Pozi enables linking to Windows applications that support URL protocol handlers, it's primarily designed for integrations with modern web applications through REST APIs and standard URLs.

If you rely on custom-built IntraMaps application launchers (and they continue to be supported), then IntraMaps may be right for you.

Pozi supports a variety of commercial, government and community basemaps, and allows custom styling for vector tile basemaps. It can also use any QGIS project as a basemap for internal users.

However if you need your public users to use an internally-maintained custom basemap, then IntraMaps may be the right option for you.

Pozi allows permitted users to discover and turn on any combination of permitted map layers. Users can even create bookmarks for maps that contain the combination of layers they commonly use.

However if you need to prevent layers of one type being displayed on the same map as layers of another type, then you'll want to use modules in IntraMaps to isolate these layers from one another.

Pozi enables users to query the map based by a single click or by drawing an area of interest with the polygon selection tool.

If your users require selections based on circles or rectangles, then IntraMaps may be the right option for you.

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