# IntraMaps vs Pozi

Is IntraMaps no longer serving your organisation's interests?

Pozi is the enterprise GIS application with the all features your users need, plus real support.

# Why choose Pozi over IntraMaps?

# Ultimate Control

Pozi's open architecture enables your organisation to operate on its terms, in its preferred environment, with its preferred infrastructure and resources.

On-premise, cloud or hybrid. The choice is yours.

Pozi respects your organisation's autonomy and strategic technology decisions.

# Direct Integration

Connect your users directly with your organisation's spatial data, plus live data from corporate applications, government data services and web APIs.

Pozi delivers live information from trusted sources to your users - not copies or snapshots that require specialised workflows for compiling, processing and uploading data.

# Ease of Configuration

Pozi enables GIS administrators to quickly and easily distribute spatial information across your organisation.

If you know how to use QGIS, you can manage and publish data for your organisation's users in Pozi.

There are no multi-day courses required to get you started.

GIS administrators take advantage of QGIS's powerful geospatial toolkit to configure layers for Pozi, including adding new layers, filtering, styling, labelling, dynamic data joins, virtual fields, debugging tools, and more.

# Ease of Use

Pozi's ease of use improves user engagement and promotes more informed decision-making.

Users don't require expensive training in order to get the answers they need.

Pozi enables users across your organisation to quickly access critical information, regardless of any previous GIS expertise.

Pozi's adaptive interface displays only the information needed for the task at hand, whether it's viewing a full screen map, showing details about a selected feature or location, browsing available map layers, or searching for a location.

  • intuitive workflows
  • touch friendly, mobile ready
  • efficient use of screen space, free of clutter
  • no complex toolbars, menus or jargon
  • modern, visually-appealing interface

# Public Ready

Engage your community and external stakeholders with information that's relevant to them, while keeping your organisation's private data available only to authorised users.

Every Pozi site provides a public-facing map view by default.

Synchronise selected datasets from your network to the cloud for viewing by the public.

And engage with the public using Pozi's two-way community consultation functionality. Collect information from the public about incidents, maintenance requests, feedback on strategic initiatives, community story-telling, and more.

# Unified Map

Pozi avoids artificial data silos that are caused by managing data in separate "modules". Within a single Pozi map, users can discover, use and combine information for their individual needs, without having to switch between separate map modules.

When users interact with layer groups within the layer panel, Pozi remembers how they left it so that their most relevant layers are ready to access as needed. Layers that aren't useful or haven't been recently accessed remain tucked away, but still discoverable and accessible in the current map.

Users can also bookmark the current Pozi map view, enabling them to launch Pozi with their frequently-used map layers displayed by default.

Pozi can be launched from these saved views to suit specific workflows, projects or themes. There's no limit to the number of views that users can create and share. Users can also share customised map views with others to highlight specific areas or layers of interest, including any custom map annotations.

# Performance

Users get the answers they need quicker in Pozi. The Pozi web app opens in seconds, and even faster for regular users due to its intelligent caching.

# Real Support

When you ask Pozi for help, we'll acknowledge your request within 24 hours, and begin resolving your issue within 48 hours.

# Third Party GIS support

Do you already have your own GIS support provider? No worries. We'll work with them and provide access to the resources they need to deliver the support you deserve.

Pozi's open architecture enables you or any GIS support provider you engage to customise and maintain Pozi to your organisation's requirements.

# Purpose-Driven

Pozi is solely focussed on the spatial enablement of your organisation. We have no interest in creating closed ecosystems to capture all of your organisation's business functions.

Pozi's open platform integrates with major vendor platforms and applications to enable maximum interoperability, providing your organisation with autonomy in its strategic technology decisions.

Pozi integrations

# Future Ready

The future of web GIS is driven by live data integrations, web-optimised data formats and in-browser geo-processing.

Pozi invests for the future by keeping Pozi up-to-date with modern web technologies. We work with open source HTML5 technologies including React, Material UI, OpenLayers 9, TurfJS and GeoStyler to ensure high performance, compatibility with modern data sources, and a high quality user experience.

IntraMaps is built on an outdated version of OpenLayers, which ceased development in 2013. IntraMaps' performance and functionality remain tied to an ageing, unsupported code base, limiting its ability to innovate any further.

# Transparent Pricing

No long-term, lock-in contracts. No hidden costs.

Hosting and basic support is included in your subscription. Initial setup and advanced support is available on-demand at our standard rate. You don't need a support contract to ask us for help.

And we'll never charge you for fixing a bug.

# Anything Missing?

We'll build it for you!

If you need any functionality that's not already in Pozi, talk to us about your requirements. We'll work with you on a specification to suit your exact requirements and provide an estimate for its development.

When you fund the development of new features, you have ongoing access to the new functionality for the life of your subscription.

# Better Outcomes with Pozi

  • navigate the map with ease: anyone who has used Google Maps can easily use Pozi
  • search across multiple data sources from a single auto-complete search box
  • bookmark frequently-used layers
  • share custom maps with other users
  • all the functionality you expect, intelligently organised in a modern interface
  • view layers as interactive tables, narrow down results with filters, and browse to navigate to specific features
  • generate reports based on features within the current map view with dynamically calculated statistics
  • download layers
  • export geo-referenced maps to desktop GIS
  • harness QGIS's extensive configuration and visualisation options to manage and publish your organisation's data
  • reduce administration overheads
    • direct integration with live data from internal and external sources
    • reduce downloading, processing and republishing data from external sources
    • reduce duplication of corporate data to external hosting sites
  • real support
  • manage your GIS in your preferred environment, with your preferred infrastructure and resources
  • freedom to engage third-party support providers
  • more efficient use of GIS budget
    • lower subscription cost
    • lower training requirements
    • no lock-in contracts
    • procure without tenders/RFQs
    • custom development available
  • risk-free - take advantage of our free trial

# Comparison




User Experience
Responsive design ✔️ ✔️
Annotation ✔️ ✔️
Print ✔️ ✔️
Multi-feature selection ✔️ ✔️
Linked data ✔️ ✔️
Mail merge ✔️ ✔️
Share link ✔️ ✔️
Measure ✔️ ✔️
Search in any layer ✔️
Dynamic spatial intersections ✔️
Two-way community consultation ✔️
Layer Options
Opacity ✔️ ✔️
Download ✔️
Filter ✔️
Interactive table ✔️
Tooltips ✔️
Configuration tool(s) MapManager & ConfigManager QGIS
SQL queries ✔️ ✔️
Online reference and training material ✔️
Custom development available ✔️
Supported map servers MapServer QGIS Server
ArcGIS Server
Mapping Javascript library OpenLayers v2
OpenLayers v8
OGC standards compliant (WMS/WFS) ✔️ ✔️
Web optimised formats (Mapbox Vector Tiles, COG, FlatGeobuf) ✔️
Data Integrations
Cloud database ✔️ ✔️
On-premise databases and files ✔️
Live corporate data integration ✔️
Live web services ✔️
Choice of basemaps ✔️
Rapid help desk support ✔️
Community forum ✔️
Preview upcoming features ✔️
User access Active Directory Azure Active Directory and App Proxy
Pricing $$$ $
Commitment multi-year lock-in contract pay as you go

# Unhappy with the lack of support for Intramaps?

You're not alone.

But with Pozi, your organisation's GIS is no longer locked to single software vendor.

# On a contract?

If you're stuck in another contract, talk to us. Not only can we get you up and running with Pozi straight away, we'll provide credit to cover your use of Pozi during the remainder of your existing contract. Run Pozi and IntraMaps in parallel for as long as you need to make a seamless transition.

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