Pozi delivers powerful location-based functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional Geographic Information System (GIS) software.

No long-term, lock-in contracts



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Enterprise Cloud

Perfect for publishing your organisation's data to the public When your users demand a higher level of interaction A high functioning replacement for your inhouse GIS enquiry tool Ultimate integration with your organisation’s cloud infrastructure
AUD$6K/year AUD$9K/year AUD$12K/year AUD$15K/year
- All the features of Pozi Public, plus: All the features of Pozi Pro, plus: All the features of Pozi Enterprise, plus:
✔️ Live, authoritative data ✔️ Community consultation module ✔️ GIS integration 🚀 Azure Active Directory integration
✔️ Customer support ✔️ Advanced search ✔️ Corporate system integrations 📃 Enterprise Cloud Service Level Agreement
✔️ Responsive design ✔️ Nearby places ✔️ Public data publisher
✔️ Intelligent address search ✔️ Multiple imagery layers ✔️ Table view
✔️ GPS location ✔️ Map widget
✔️ Aerial imagery ✔️ Data widget
✔️ Unlimited users ✔️ Layer filtering
✔️ Zero installation ✔️ Multi-select
✔️ Custom maps ✔️ Custom bookmarking
✔️ GPS tracking
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All Pozi subscriptions include:

  • customised web map application
  • high performance hosting
  • unlimited users
  • custom subdomain
  • embeddable maps
  • custom branding
  • updates and bug fixes
  • configuration updates
  • helpdesk support

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# Add-Ons

# 3D Viewer

Use Pozi to visualise your 3D imagery. Toggle between 2D and 3D viewing modes. Compatible with Cesium 3D tile format.


# Community Consultation

The Pozi Pro, Enterprise and Enterprise Cloud offerings include up to two concurrent community consultation campaigns. You may purchase additional campaigns over and above the included ones.


# Pozi Connect for M1s

Pozi Connect generates property and address change reports (M1s) for Victorian municipalities. We customise Pozi Connect to integrate with your council's corporate property system, install it and provide training. The first twelve months support are included.


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# Custom Development

Our development services can be engaged for any custom development required to further enhance any aspect of Pozi functionality to suit your organisation's needs.

We also offer clients the opportunity to sponsor development of new features, giving them direct input into the specification to ensure it meets their exact requirements.

  • custom workflows
  • new functionality
  • custom integrations for corporate applications


# Source Code Access

For Enterprise and Enterprise Cloud subscribers, we offer access to our source code.

# Authorised Usage

  • create backup copies of the source code
  • review code to check for security vulnerabilities
  • contribute to code by submitting pull requests for new features, bugfixes and documentation updates
  • use the code to recreate Pozi on organisation's internal infrastructure for the exclusive use of the organisation ONLY IF Pozi is no longer offered as a service
# Prohibited Usage

  • share the code outside of the organisation
  • share the code with anyone who has not agreed to these terms of use
  • use the code to create a competing service


# Tender Response

If your organisation uses Request For Tender (RFT) or Request For Quote (RFQ) for service procurement, a premium will apply to the package cost and ongoing subscription. Talk to us about what additional costs will apply for your procurement method.

Keep in mind that there are no lock-in contracts with Pozi. Avoid RFTs and RFQs altogether by taking up a year-at-a-time Pozi subscription, and avoid committing your organisation to a minimum spend that would exceed any procurement thresholds.

Talk to us to learn how organisations like yours are avoiding RFTs and RFQs with a seamless transition to a simple annual Pozi subscription.

Contact us to discuss your organisation's requirements. 60-day free trials are available.

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