# Form Integration

Community consultation is available for Pozi Pro, Enterprise and Enterprise Cloud offerings.

Community consultation enables gathering information from the public for strategic initiatives.

A campaign may make use of one or both of these forms:

  • main 'survey' form, displayed to user when they click a certain location
  • 'feedback' form, displayed when user clicks on a feature (such as another user's survey response)

# Create Survey Form

Log in to Jotform.

# Updated: use new Template form

There is now a template that can be cloned for creating new forms:


This will eliminate the a lot of the instructions below.

To do: create another template for feedback

# Build

Create form, and give it a user-friendly name. In the main Jotform menu, use the "More" options to rename it to [client name]: [project].

Add form elements to build the form according to customer spec.

Add hidden fields:

  • Longitude (Basic > Number)
  • Latitude (Basic > Number)
  • Layer ID (Basic > Short Text, with default value, eg, growinggreatwestern) (Does this even need to be populated? It looks like Pozi inserts the value. Try testing the next one with just a blank field)
  • Feature ID (Widget > Unique ID)
  • Map Link (Basic > Short Text)

Double-check that the fields are named exactly as above.

# Settings

Settings > Emails > (Add client email address as new recipient)

Settings > Conditions > Update/Calculate Field:

  • IF: Feature ID
  • STATE: Is Filled
  • DO: Calculate a field's value

Paste the following, one line at a time into expression box, substituting the items in square brackets with clicking the Insert Field button:

[Layer ID]
[Feature ID]
[Layer ID]

Not fully tested

  • SUMMARY: Map Link

# Publish

Publish, and take note of the form id (eg https://form.jotform.co/90516729211858)

# Create Feedback form

The feedback form is an option that allows users to comment and/or like existing features in a Pozi layer. The layer may be a dedicated set of features for which the client wants feedback, or it can be a layer of other user submissions.

  • clone an existing feedback form from another client.
  • rename to [Client] Feedback
  • remove existing email recipients (or replace with new recipient)
  • Settings > Conditions > Update/Calculate Field > (update Map Link URL)
  • take note of form id (eg https://form.jotform.co/90518613811858)

# Configuring in Pozi

The existing Pozi Admin Panel does NOT currently properly support the necessary fragment configuration items.

The configuration must instead be done manually at the site level instead of the usual dataset level.

  1. Admin Panel > Copy config to clipboard
  2. paste into desktop text editor
  3. add/remove/update dataset fragments for the dataset
  4. select all, copy to clipboard
  5. Admin Panel > Paste config from clipboard
  6. test
  7. publish

# Examples