# Next Pozi

# What is Next Pozi?

We're changing the way we configure and deploy Pozi sites for our clients. Next Pozi empowers clients to build and manage their own web map sites while taking advantage of open datasets from external data providers.

# Why

Next Pozi achieves the following goals:

  • enable clients to rapidly respond to the needs of their users with more control
  • enable GIS Administrators to leverage existing open source software resources
  • provide an easy migration or co-install path for organisations with existing QGIS and MapServer maps
  • lay groundwork for multi-site and cross-site integrations

# How

Until now, each Pozi site has been managed by Pozi support staff, with every map layer configured using our internal site configuration manager.

The next generation Pozi is powered by open standards-based layer catalogues that are managed by clients and external data agencies. Catalogues are data services on the web (eg, open data WMS/WFS services, ArcGIS Online, etc) as well as internal layer collections from QGIS projects and MapServer map files.

GIS Administrators use QGIS or MapManager to configure internal layer catalogues, including adding data sources, layer styling, filtering, data joins, metadata, and more. GIS staff take advantage of open source resources such as documentation, tutorials, community forums and training to further build their Pozi site's capabilities.

# Benefits

Next Pozi delivers a new level of control that enables Pozi to replace traditional GIS enquiry tools.

Clients continue to maintain their data on their own infrastructure while taking advantage of Pozi's cloud platform for app delivery and data publishing.

# Future

Beyond empowering clients, Next Pozi brings new possibilities for sharing resources across client sites. It also enables the development of specialised apps, independent of individual clients, that dynamically load content based on the user's location or area of interest.

# Join us

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