# Upgrade to Pozi Enterprise Cloud

Combine geographic information from local data and remote web services to give your users the complete picture

For organisations who are already using Pozi Public or Pro, upgrading to Pozi Enterprise Cloud enables internal users to directly access internal corporate datasets within the Pozi app.

Pozi Enterprise Cloud is a powerful GIS enquiry tool that is an ideal replacement for any existing internal GIS viewer.


  • easy to learn and use
  • fast and responsive
  • local support
  • low annual subscription cost
  • unlimited custom maps for dedicated enquiries/workflows

# Enterprise Functionality

Pozi Enterprise Cloud unlocks a range of advanced functionality and integrations.

# GIS Integration

Enable internal users to view and interact with corporate GIS layers on your organisation's network. Supported formats include SQL Server, MapInfo TAB, Esri SHP, GeoJSON and many more.

# Corporate Data Integration

  • Property System
    • select property in Pozi to launch property enquiry in property system
    • send Pozi property selection to property system (mailouts, planning application notifications, etc)
  • Asset System
  • CRM
  • integration with any web-based corporate applications with open APIs
  • launch Pozi from any application with map pre-zoomed to specific feature

# Advanced Workflows

Pozi Enterprise Cloud enables staff to carry out critical workflows within its use-to-use interface:

  • multi-select and export property details
  • measure distance, area
  • map markup
  • save/share custom maps for use as workspaces

# Mobile

Remote and mobile staff have access to critical location information in the field and working from home. Field crews can use Pozi on phones and tablets with GPS functionality to guide them to precise locations to carry out inspections and works.

# Upgrade

If you're already using Pozi Pro, ask us for a quote to upgrade to Pozi Enterprise Cloud.

Some implementation costs will also apply to set up the internal data integrations.

We will also collaborate closely with internal staff and/or external support providers to enable them to manage the Pozi configuration.

Get in touch to discuss your organisation's requirements. 60-day free trials are available.