# Data Sync

Available for Pozi Enterprise and Enterprise Cloud customers

Pozi Data Sync is a dedicated folder within Pozi Server that is permanently synced to the Pozi cloud platform. Any files created and/or updated in this folder are automatically synchronised to the web. This enables workflows for publishing data to the public on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis.

# Configuration

After installing Pozi Server, go to https://local.pozi.com/settingssync? and fill in the cloud sync settings which have been provided to you by Pozi Support.

Cloud Sync Settings
Cloud Sync Settings

As soon as this is done, your sync is live. Any files placed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Pozi\userdata\public are automatically and continuously synchronised to the Pozi cloud.

# Troubleshooting

On the server on which Pozi Server is installed, go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > PoziConnectServer > right-click > Restart.