# Pozi Enterprise Cloud

Ultimate control for your corporate GIS

Pozi's Enterprise Cloud upgrade unlocks powerful new capabilities.

  • single sign-on using Microsoft Azure AD
  • direct publishing map layers to public from QGIS

# What's in Pozi Enterprise Cloud?

Pozi Enterprise Cloud provides two new key technologies to boost your organisation's geospatial capabilities:

  • Microsoft Single Sign-On (SSO) for controlling access to private data
  • Pozi Publisher for streamlined publishing data to the public

# Microsoft Single Sign-On (SSO)

Use your organisation's Microsoft Azure AD sign-on system to securely deliver critical geospatial information to trusted users in the office, working remotely, or out in the field.

With a standard sign in to their Microsoft account, staff and other authorised users can start accessing the information they need to do their job. No more connecting to VPNs to access your GIS.

  • better user control and management using Microsoft SSO
  • simplified network architecture with fewer moving parts
  • reduce network load - avoid the need for VPNs for remote users
  • new, streamlined architecture eliminates DNS configuration

# Better User Management

Microsoft SSO enables IT administrators to have better control and management over access to private datasets in Pozi. With Microsoft's centralised identity management, administrators can more easily control who has access, and can quickly revoke access when needed.

Pozi integrates with Azure using OAuth 2.0 through Microsoft's MSAL.js v2.0 JavaScript library.

# Ultimate Connectivity

Remote and mobile staff have access to critical location information in the field and working from home. Field crews can use Pozi on phones and tablets with GPS positioning to guide them to precise locations to carry out inspections and works.

Pozi Enterprise Cloud leverages your organisation's Azure Active Directory to connect your field staff with your organisation's private datasets. No VPN required.

# Pozi Publisher

Pozi Publisher is a powerful new application to give you ultimate control of your organisation's geospatial data.

# Publish to Public

Keep the public informed with information from your organisation's geospatial knowledge. Pozi Publisher enables you to effortlessly publish any of your organisation's internally-maintained datasets to the public.

Pozi Publisher leverages your QGIS projects to control the datasets you publish to the cloud.

In QGIS, you can:

  • publish new layers in a few clicks
  • organise layer hierarchy using layer groups
  • hide/expose individual data fields
  • apply custom thematic styles
  • join spatial and non-spatial data
  • and more

Set up your layers for publishing using QGIS, and let Pozi Publisher take care of the rest. The datasets and styles you've configured in QGIS are synchronised to Pozi's public cloud for easy access by the public within the Pozi web application.

# Upgrade

If you're already using Pozi Enterprise, ask us for a quote to upgrade to Pozi Enterprise Cloud.

Get in touch to discuss your organisation's requirements.