# Upgrade to Pozi Connect 2.9.3

Simon O'Keefe
Published 2022-03-28

Note: this announcement is for users of the Pozi Connect desktop application.

Pozi Connect 2.9.3 is now available for you to download and install.

This update ensures that Pozi Connect imports only the latest data from DELWP's new DataShare Vicmap data downloads. Some clients has reported to us that Pozi Connect was still generating M1s based on old data. This update forces Pozi Connect to import only the latest data, and report an error if it can't find it.

We've also taken the opportunity to improve the PIQA reporting capabilities, provide more detailed M1 file name, and improve the installation experience.

Upgrade to Pozi Connect 2.9.3

# What's New?

The v2.9.3 release contains the following changes since we announced the v2.9 major release in February.

  • remove check for old Spatial Datamart tables
  • reduce error messages generated by installer
  • add hotel-style address attributes to PIQA export
  • append specific version number in output M1
  • configuration updates for Alpine, Ararat, Banyule, Ballarat, Hindmarsh, Horsham, Knox, Manningham, Monash and Moorabool

# Reminder about DataShare Vicmap Datasets

In October 2021, DELWP announced the retirement of the existing Spatial Datamart service for ordering Vicmap datasets, and moving to the new DataShare service. In February 2022, the Spatial Datamart was retired.

Your council's weekly or fortnightly downloads of Vicmap Address and Vicmap Property Simplified 1 must now be set up in DataShare. If you haven't done so already, log in to DataShare to set up your new repeat orders of Vicmap Address and Vicmap Property Simplified 1.

# What's Different?

The data downloads from DataShare are different to the Spatial Datamart downloads, and we've updated Pozi Connect to cater for these changes. Most critically, the following table names have changed:


Pozi Connect 2.9 has been updated to use these new DataShare table names. The older Spatial Datamart table names are no longer supported. If you still need to process existing downloads from Spatial Datamart, do not upgrade yet; continue to use Pozi Connect 2.8 until you have set up your DataShare downloads.

# A Note About Folder Names

The new Pozi Connect continues to use your previously configured Vicmap data folder locations.

Pozi Connect may be configured for your council to use VMADD and VMPROP as your folder names, because these were the folder names inside the Spatial Datamart zip file. However it's important to note that the folder names inside the DataShare zip files are VICMAP_ADDRESS and VMPROP_SIMPLIFIED_1. You may need to alter your zip extraction process to take into account the new folder names to ensure that the table files end up in the correct location.

If you decide to extract your DataShare downloads to a different location (for instance, to use the new DataShare folder names), you can change override the location when you run Pozi Connect at the 'Import Vicmap' step by using the folder picker buttons in the Pozi Connect interface and browsing to the new location. You can also modify your council's own 'Import Vicmap' INI file (in PoziConnect\tasks\[councilname]\) using a text editor to ensure Pozi Connect remembers the location. And remember, if you make any changes to your INI file, please send the updated file to support@pozi.com so it can be included in future releases.

# Install Pozi Connect 2.9.3 Now

The new Pozi Docs site provides step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing Pozi Connect 2.9.3.

Get Pozi Connect 2.9.3

For assistance with this upgrade, contact support@pozi.com.